What is Carbon Offsetting?

We all try to produce as little CO2 as possible. Nevertheless, no one wants to sit in a freezing cold house during winter. myclimate offers the possibility to offset unavoidable emissions with carbon offsetting measures elsewhere.

As opposed to air pollution, when dealing with the climate, it doesn’t matter where on the planet the problematic gases are released, or where they are reduced. What matters is that the total amount of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions is reduced. That’s why it makes sense to reduce emissions in one place that were created in another.

Our online emission calculators work out the amount of climate-impacting emissions created for instance by a flight. The air passenger pays a specific amount according to the emissions created, which is invested in carbon offset projects by myclimate. The focus for these projects lies on developing countries, but even in places like Europe or New Zealand, fossil energy sources that are harmful to the climate are being replaced by renewable energy and the implementation of energy-efficient technologies. That’s how the same amount of climate-impacting emissions as was generated by the air passenger is reduced elsewhere. So overall, thanks to offsetting, no greenhouse gases are released.

However, myclimate doesn’t just reduce greenhouse emissions with the carbon offset projects, but is also able to improve the quality of life of the local population, thanks to our strict project standards.